Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

Why do people get snippy when they cannot unload things that THEY bought too many of?

Why do some people get out of bed each morning Hell bent on making other’s lives just as miserable as theirs?

Why do people show up for their interviews 30 minutes early? Early to me - 10, 15 minutes tops. 30 minutes? Now that’s crazy, and is just as negative as being late.

Why are the kids late for class, yet they will be early for lunch AND knock on the cafeteria door?

Why is the thing that you're looking for always in the last place you look?

Why does the idiot you're trying to go around on the expressway change lanes WITH you?

Why is it that you can love and not like your family at the same time?

1 comment:

you begin again.... said...

Answer to all:
Because God has a sense of humor.