Friday, November 14, 2008

The Muppets

This morning on The Today Show, I had a total flashback. The Muppet Show. I LOVED the muppets. Here is a brief summary/history of the muppets:

The Muppet Show is an American television program featuring a cast of Muppets which was produced by Jim Henson and his team from 1976 to 1981. The show stars Kermit the Frog, who was also a regular on Sesame Street. Whereas Kermit was a happy, perky and somewhat avuncular character on Sesame Street, here he is trying to keep control of the varied, outrageous, kinetic Muppet characters (and his temper), as well as keep the human guest stars happy and secure, an aspect of his personality that made it into his Sesame Street character following the start of The Muppet Show. The television show depicted a vaudeville- or music hall-style song-and-dance variety show, as well as the backstage antics involved in putting the show on.

The show was known for outrageous, physical (slapstick), sometimes absurdist comedy, and particularly for using its puppet characters to create humorous parodies. Each show also featured a human star; after the show became popular, many celebrities were eager to perform with the Muppets on television and in film. By the end of its run, over one hundred guest stars had appeared on The Muppet Show.

Here is the link to the Muppets Take Over The Today Show:

On another note, this morning I remembered a trip to Universal Studios Florida some years ago, I dragged my boyfriend to the Muppet Show in 3D. We were not the only adults in there, and even though he protested at first - he had as much fun as I did. All of the characters were there, even my favorite ANIMAL. I just love to see him play the drums. Okay, I had fun stepping back into my child hood for a moment. That is not always a bad thing either.

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