Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What if...

The Manilow Network has a number of discussions asking “What If” questions about Barry.

What if you could choose another dance song?
What if Barry showed up on your doorstep?
What if you could run into Barry here or there?

I want to pose my own “What If” questions….

What if
Barry got bored one evening late at night and ventured onto the B-Net or the Manilow Network - just out of curiosity? (under a pseudonym of course, not Barry Manilow or Manilow - come on now why would he use his own name)

What if
Barry decided to end his run at the end of 2009 to concentrate on his music and/or produce the music of others? Or even try to get Harmony or other musicals on the stage?

What if
Barry made the announcement he had found that special someone and planned to spend the rest of his life with that person?

Did the questions make you think - how would I feel? Would I be happy? Would I be sad? Would I feel nothing? Would I be pissed?

Whatever your emotion, you have to admit that none of them are impossible. In this world, hell who really knows anything for sure. And, if I had a large amount of people wanting a piece of me like they want of him - I know I would want to just climb under the covers and never come out.

Hey, there are days I want to do that now!

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Stephanie said...

You never know...That's a fact. We could be looking at any one of those possibilties in the near future........

Interesting post.