Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/10 Anniversary

I remember 9/10/2001 just as well as I remember tomorrow's anniversary. Why?

Well on this day seven years ago, I was really short with James. He called me around midnight on 9/10/2001; I was sleepy and I put him off the phone really quick, in fact, I think I was ugly.

Then the next morning, 9/11/2001, I heard about the Twin Towers along with everyone else. It has significance becaue when I met James, he was working in Tower One. I started calling his cell phone. He had an adjusted schedule and was not always at work right at 8, but I didn't know if he was in that day at 8 or not. Well, we all know that getting calls in the NYC during that time was not a thing that you could do.

I tried and tried and tried for about days. I called his cell, I called his apartment, and I called his office and nothing - ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY. Finally, I tried one more time and, he picked up the phone - I felt so much relief. I said I was worried sick, I had been calling everywhere trying to find out if he was okay.

He said "Babe, I left that company 3 years ago." I had totally forgotten that conversation that we had when he changed jobs.

I think part of the anxiety was because I felt guilty for being so mean to him the night before.

Well, he had not even thought anything of it. He said he knows how cranky I get when I get sleepy; he was just gonna call me the next day and talk to me."

I said "man, I was feeling guilty for nothing."

He just laughed and said "at least I know you care." Dang - my cover was blown. LOL

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