Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stumbling over that Writer's Block

*sigh* Writing can be so difficult, yet so fulfilling. The words do not always come, but when they do it feels wonderful. I was talking to one of my favorite authors at a writer’s conference, she said she receives letters from readers telling her how they stayed up all night to finish her book. She laughed and said she told them “it took me longer than a night to write it.”

In talking with others, we have similar stories:

What comes next?
Why can’t I think of the right word?
Will I ever finish this thing?
What if no one likes it?

The list goes on and on, but we keep going because those “voices” won’t leave you alone. I say voices because when you crawl deep into a story the characters become part of you. Not Sybil type part of you, but a part that helps you know what he/she will say or do. It is truly a good thing because only then can you really get their story out there. A good storyteller can pull a reader into their world and make them care about the characters.

The saying that go something like “those who can’t do - teach” well those who can’t write - read. Everyone has his or her place in this vast world, but critics of books or movies are just that and how much credence should you really put into a critic’s review of someone’s work. It is subjective, suppose that critic had a bad day? Suppose they do not particularly like the genre that the story is written in? See what I mean?

All of you readers - keep reading because if not for you, we would not have anyone to entertain.

All of you writers - keep writing because there can never be too many stories out there.