Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The United States has smashed the world record in an incredibly fast 4 x 100 meter men’s relay at the Beijing Olympics with a time of 3:08:24. Michael Phelps picks up his second gold medal and is on his way to breaking the record of most gold medals at a single Olympics.

Gold medal: United States 3:08:24

Michael Phelps
Garrett Weber-Gale
Cullen Jones
Jason Lezak

France came second with a time of 3:08.32, in an incredibly tight finish. Australia picks up the bronze medal. What a spectacular race!

That is the official summary of the race.

My summary - it was absolutely AMAZING! Sunday night, I was lying down to fall asleep for the night; I saw the race about to start. It began, Michael Phelps swam the first leg. The French were the favored winners of the race, plus they had been talking much spack about the Americans, how they were going to "smash" them.

I have to admit after the 3 leg, I thought we’d end up with the Silver, but the last 50 meters - Jason Lezak was closing in. The French lead was getting shorter and shorter, I was sitting up in the bed saying “Go, Go.” Softly, of course, since my household was asleep. By the end of the race, I was on my knees and about the stand up in the bed.

Needless to say, “In your face French men, who’s smashed now?!”

I need to take a blood pressure tablet before Phelps races again. Love the games, but they are bad on the nerves.