Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Appeal of Manilow

Last week, there was a lot of talk about the appeal of Barry to women and men, and its differences. As with anything, the comparisons are subjective and based on the individuals point of view.

My feelings on the appeal of Barry is that he is different things to different people, not necessarily all male or all female.

In the cases of:

Sex appeal - Barry is seen as sexy by both male and female. There are men AND women wanting his body and having fantasizes about him. While, there are men AND women who do not.

The music - The last time I looked, there were male and female musicians, so Barry’s artistry, musical talents and skills are admired by both. I surely cannot see the admiration being able to be measured by either sex.

The shows - How can admiration be measured between the sexes and a decision be made at which sex loves him more? The last show I went to, there were older gentlemen on the row in front of me dancing and singing along like the rest of us.

Sure, Barry’s fan base is largely female. Those numbers are the only thing measurable.

Adoration can’t be. Enjoyment can’t be. Fantasies and dreams can’t be.

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