Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ahhhhh, I need a vacation!

I was talking today with a co-worker who is going on vacation next week. She has not been on vacation in a while; she is in management, and is working on her Ph.D. I told her she definitely needs to get away. My motto is “Work Hard, You Need to Play Hard.” I reminded her to not even think about work while she is gone, which is hard for many in management.

I don’t have the problem. When I am gone, I am GONE. Don’t call me, don’t email me even if by chance you have my personal email, which chances are - YOU DON’T. Because you won’t get an answer, I promise.

I love what I do, even though the folks can get on my last freakin’ nerve, but my job is never ending and always different. The organized chaos of the day, makes it go quickly - if I could just only erase the people out of it.

I guess I was also remembering past vacations because the past couple of days have been rough mainly because of the people I work with. The beaches of Jamaica or Martinque, the historical fun of Washington DC, or the city life of NYC are just a few escapes I can name. I will not forget to mention the lights and Manilow in Las Vegas - that is the top of my list.

When I am away, I don’t think of reports, or meetings - NOTHING. While they might be waiting for my return, and usually someone is waiting for me when I pull up. They are truly the last thing on my mind when I’m away.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy vacations, and not worry about work and not rush back. Life is for enjoy, even though you might like what you do - it is still work and structure and vacations are not.

The BS and the insensitivity everyone has to endure daily at work make any time away - TOTAL ENJOYMENT! If you have the craziness in your personal life, then some reevaluating needs to be done.

Life is short and you only go around once. Have fun!