Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/16/2008 Hotline Message - This Just In....

Hi Everyone....

We just saw a pretty outrageous headline on one of the tabloids claiming that Barry is ill and down to 100 pounds.

Granted....he's pretty trim. But 100 pounds? Give us a break. Even Mary Kate and Ashley weigh more than 100 pounds. And no....he's not ill.

What he rehearsing for his new show in Las Vegas.
Recording his new album.
Putting together a new arena show.
Starting on his new original rock album.
And sometimes even enjoying the beach.
A picture of him doing just that is below.

And yes.....those are his kayak paddles in the background.

(Look for him in the 2012 Olympics)

By the way.....we also saw a headline that said aliens had invaded Pomona. That headline, of course, is true.