Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toxic Relationships

Ever had a toxic relationship? It is one of those relationships that do you no good. That person or people do everything to suck the life out of you. It is usually a one way street relationship, you are the one working on it, making conversations, making all the calls.

My toxic relationship really hurt, because it was someone that I thought cared about me - and at first I know that they did but over time, he was selfish and self-serving. He was a major part of my life for a while but I had to finally realize it wasn’t the same.

After years, I stopped calling him and the friendship ended, so to sum it up - there was no friendship because a REAL friendship would not end so easily and without closure. That’s the way the cookie crumbles right?

The saying “Reason, Season and Lifetime” comes to mind. It is so true. There are times we have people come into our lives and at the time, we think we have the best there is - then they are gone. After much contemplation, you realize “what tha hell was I thinking?” Suddenly it comes into focus, “that fool was supposed to teach me such and such.” That is what they call an ah-ha moment because “ah-ha, you are happy and that fool showed you the road signs for the path you don’t want to take again.” Thank you fool.

It is amazing life lessons that we get even when we think we are finished with school. I could go on and on, my life is a soap opera all in itself. Luckily, writing gives me an outlet to take my characters through the BS that I have been through and since it is MY WORLD - it can turn out the way that I want it to.