Thursday, January 27, 2011

Helloooooo Jacksonville

Barry was in great form last night. The place was packed and he was enjoying the love he was receiving. From Keep Each Other Warm to When October Goes, every note was on point. By his own admission, he mixed up some lyrics, but that is what endears him to us - we sing along with him anyway. One Voice was done with a children and adult choir with him - AWESOME.

Inside the musical bubble he creates at a show always leaves you with such a wonderful feeling, then when its over the real world comes back to you.

After talking with some friends after the show, they were discussing the bad reviews and this morning I saw how the fans were in a tizzy. Well, opinions are just that - how many years have we endured bad and hateful comments and reviews about Barry's music. What do we do? Ignore it, and keep going. So, don't give the review any energy - just let it go away.

We know what a great performer he is, the music catalog cannot be touched. Longevity is the key, the artists now will not be known when the next one comes along. I said artist because an artist is a good performer and, with the help of technology, they sound good. A singer can belt out a song with or without music and sound wonderful. How many acts out now fall in that category? Enough said.

I'd take a singer over an artist any day of the week!

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