Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Never Know

This week was really busy at work, but while I was going through a pile of paperwork my mind fell on a co-worker of mine. She has been on medical leave, and her son had come into my office to bring some paperwork in for her. When I asked how she was doing, he told me that she was having surgery. I was surprised because I had not heard anything about it. He proceeded to tell me about the surgery, and it sounded a lot about the procedure I had done a couple of years ago. I asked the doctor's name and he couldn't remember but in our town there are only a few neurologists. He told me it was a female, so I knew it had to be the same physician I had because she is the only female neurologist here. I told him I had the same procedure and his Mom was in good hands because the doctor is the best one around. He told me that he was worried, and I told him that she was going to be fine.

Monday, I was hit with the urge to call her and talk with her. When I called, she said that her son had told her about our conversation and she thanked me for making him feel more at ease. She said that she was a little worried as well but when he told her what I said, she even felt better. The procedure was just like mine, but she was having more done that I did. When the doctor went in to remove the pressure on the nerve, she said there was no disc damage so she did not have to do anymore. My co-worker's disc is deteriorating, so she was going to have hardware placed in her back. I told her that she was having more done than me, but she was in very good hands. I would recommend anyone to my doctor, she puts you at ease, she explains it in a way you can understand it, and she tells you to things that can go right and can go wrong - so you know both sides.

Surgery was scheduled for Tuesday, so Wednesday, my co-worker sent word to me that she was feeling better already and was so glad that I called her. She said that I just did not know how much my call meant to her.

I said all of this to say, you just never know when something that you say or do to someone - no matter how big or small, may mean the world to them. It could be just what they need at the moment. I truly believe that when you are suddenly struck with the urge to do something, it is a higher power causing that to happen. I always talk about my little guardian angel that is hanging around me, looking out for me and oftentimes keeping me from doing or saying something really stupid.

Back surgery is a scary thought, I went through a lot before I finally made the decision. I did not have anyone except my doctor to talk to about it. No one around me ever had it, and all they had to say were things that made me even more skiddish. At the end of the day (actually many days) I was the one in pain from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. For a year and a half, I dealt with that until I could not deal with it any longer. So, I am glad that I can share my experiences with someone that might be in the same place as I am. I don't try to sway them one way or another, I just let them know - I know the pain, I know that no matter which way you lie down or sit down or stand, you hurt. Only someone who has been there truly knows.

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