Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gone Too Soon

Anyone that knows me know that this week could not pass without me mentioning the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.

I grew up listening to his music and remained a fan throughout the craziness that surrounded him. No one really knows how they would react when you have so many eyes looking at you and watching everything you do. Would you act like they don’t exist or would you do things to entertain? Who knows?

I saw a story on the Jackson kids (Paris, Prince and Prince II) and the reporter made a comment about that people around the children say they are smart and normal children. I, honestly, believe that shows that Michael really was not as unusual as many would think. When he had the children out with covers on their heads and masks, I thought like everyone else “what is Michael doing?” In hindsight, I think it was pretty ingenious. By doing that, he afforded those children the opportunity to have the one thing he didn’t have – a normal childhood. It was not until his death did we know what they looked like, so they were able to go to the playground, run – jump – act like children. Why? Because their father had the forethought to cover their faces so the many cameras of the world would not know what they look like, therefore, they could walk around like “normal people.”

Since he was able to dance and sing, Michael could not do that. He could not walk around a mall or go to the movies without a mob scene and mass hysteria. Thankfully for a short while, his children were able to be children and that says to me that he was a great father that wanted the best for his children. No matter what one might think of Michael as a person, you have to admit that was a great gift he could give to them. It was worth more than money and gifts he could buy because they can look back and remember the fun they had before anyone knew they were “Michael Jackson’s children.”

As the anniversary approaches, it does not seem that Michael has been gone a year. Some of his family, as usual, will take the opportunity to capitalize on it and will be doing interviews here and there. I just want to listen to the music, watch the videos and remember the great performer that left us too soon.

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