Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Ready

As I prepare for my next visit to Las Vegas, I cannot help but wonder how much has changed over the last few years that I have been visiting Manilow.

I have met some wonderful people and had some great times, however, as time progresses - the music is still there but the drama that surrounds it deadens the enjoyment. That in itself is quite sad.

If you have been reading my blog, you have noticed that I have stayed away from discussing the craziness in Manilowland. It is not because the craziness has decreased. What is the point? Will it change anything? Nope. Will writing about it make me feel better? Nope. What feels good is not being around it. I do not read the boards, I do not go to the fan sites - and guess what? No unnecessary stress.

Do I still love Barry? Of course, the man is the greatest showman and his music provides the soundtrack to anything going on in your life. All of the extra stuff is optional - and I opt out.

I will not be staying at Paris and Barry's shows are not the only ones that I will be seeing. I plan to make the most of my trip and enjoy hanging out with my friend. That is what it is all about anyway - Barry is an added plus.

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