Friday, August 28, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss (Sometimes)

You know I only hear about the rumblings in the Manilow world every now and then because most of the friends I have only peek in every now and then. It is probably the smartest thing for anyone (with any good sense anyway) to do.

The whole "behind the scenes" goings on just infuriates the rational person because the rational person knows what right and what is wrong. The whole moneymaking BS is just that BS - feelings are excluded and just stomped all on.

After my next trip, I am done. I will sink back into oblivion of not knowing what is going on there, and not wanting to know.

Ignorance is sure enough bliss when you are unaware of all of crap that goes on.

Without the drama, maybe I can get back to enjoying the music since I haven't listened to a CD since May. I want to get there, the not knowing will surely allow me to do so.

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