Monday, August 17, 2009

I Think I'm Back For Real This Time

I thought I was back after I finished the *yuck* Accounting class. Then, I lost my uncle. It has been a week of dealing with family ... yeh, family. Need I say more? But, I am back now and is kinda clear.

He's gone to a better place, yeh I know that's what they say, but I will miss our calls and talks - more like his picking on me. But, he is no longer in pain so I am thankful for that.

I don't really have anything Manilow to talk about because I have completely cut myself off from that world - and I don't miss a thing. After December, I think that's it for me and him except for CDs anyway, so why get caught up again. My few little pennies won't matter in the grand scheme of things but it will sure make me feel better. I will spend it where it will be appreciated. *can you tell I'm still a little salty?"


you begin again.... said...

I understand.


texas_fan said...

Glad to have you back.

Perhaps it's not that you're salty, it's just that you are entering a different phase in your life. Sometimes change is good.