Sunday, July 12, 2009


It is amazing the things that cross my mind. I wonder if others have the same thing happening to them. I can just think of one thing and by the end of that though session my mind could be in a totally different place.

I was trying to think of a subject for my blog and thus it started. I went from television shows to vacation to Michael Jackson to my dream of Vegas last night to the idea for a new story. So, you see why this is pretty much just a rambling post.

I have found that writing these can be somewhat therapeutic - I mean writing your thoughts down. They are read by not only your friends but even total strangers.

Funny isn't it? I guess being out of Barryland I have lost a lot of blog subject matter. I do get occasion reports and even those are not giving much inspiration. There is always the ramblings of the one who loves to stir up trouble then play victim. Or, the ones that just post things that make you say. "Huh?"

It always gets a little boring when he isn't playing. We should cross our fingers for those with tickets for later this month - crossing legs and eyes might help send good vibes to Vegas for them.

The other night a friend of mine called and asked if I would mind her joining me in Vegas on my next trip. I told her it would be nice. I keep telling her she needs to get out and do things; hopefully, this is a step in the right direction for her and she is going to a Barry show. Maybe I can turn her into a Fanilow too, who knows.

I am definitely going to make the best of it. I think I found my cruise for next year; I just need to find the best price. It is going to be a graduation gift to myself. It will be the official end of my school days - after April I am done. Whether I will march or not I haven't decided yet. As the date approaches we'll see. All I want is the diploma, sitting through a long ceremony is not for me.

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