Sunday, May 3, 2009

Twas the Nights Without Manilow

Twas the nights without Manilow
And all through the Hilton
Not a Fanilow was stirring
Not even a ..... (dang I can't think of a word to rhyme)

You know where I'm going with this. Whenever Barry takes some time off, it gets a little restless in Barryland. Feuds begin, conversations start with subjects of everything from what he is doing, to his teeth. Oh, my favorite is the questions that get posed asking us (the fans) questions that only Barry and the BMIFC can answer. Oftentimes, the questions were asked to TPTB but they will come to the network and ask like we can give a better answer. Well, we can but it won't be correct. Remember the ones where they ask Vicki, she gives them an answer then they come to the board and ask the same question. That just cracks me up.

Barry needs his rest, he works so hard. But, he is probably working on a new project. He has to stay busy, but that could be his way of relaxing. The good thing is, he can spend time with his loved ones away from the craziness of the Hilton. Besides when he returns, it will be convention time - talk about fan overload. The relaxation glow will be gone in a snap.

This down time - we've been through it, we'll get through it ... but boy does it really get old quickly.

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texas_fan said...

It gets really old. The feuds and the bickering and all the theorizing. I don't understand why they can't talk about the music. When was the last time anyone (other than a few of us)actually discussed an album or a song. There are so many to choose from and so many that are absolute genius.