Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biggest Loser Finale

I went into the finale hoping for Tara to win. I had cheered for her the entire season. But after seeing Jerry (who is 64 years young) win the At Home Contest ($100,000). He was only on the ranch for a short while, so much of his 177 pound weight loss was done on his own made me change teams. Jerry is the oldest contest ever on Biggest Loser.

The oldest female on the ranch was in the final and up for the $250,000 prize. I said, it would be awesome if Helen won the prize. Well she did, and I was cheering along with everyone else for her.

Whoever came up with saying "age ain't nuthin but a number" was SO RIGHT!

Way to to Helen and Jerry.

BTW, this is the third season with a female Biggest Loser - take that boys!

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