Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nightly News

Have you watched the news lately?

If you have, the first thing is usually 1) the stock market falling, 2) the stimulus package or 3) the unemployment rate.

To follow that depressing news, we get the lunacy of the Octomom,, who is really a case for not only Dr. Phil but any social science major out there. This woman really wants to be Angelina Jolie. A few things separate them Angelina has a JOB that pays her about $15 million a picture, she has a house that is HERS and not about to be evicted, she can afford all of the children she has, and she sleeps next to Brad Pitt at night.

Speaking of Octomom, did you hear the 911 tape? Doesn’t it sound a lot sound byte from Angelina’s movie The Changeling where her son went missing? Interesting…

Finally, Rihanna and Chris Brown. I am not a fan of the teeny bopper music craze, so I can’t tell Chris Brown from any of the other guys singing now. The fact that he is 19 years old and accused of beating his girlfriend is really disturbing. The fact of the matter is, theory shows that it was not the first time - not that she has reported it but most batterers do not jump from Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Mike Tyson in one day. There is usually progression.

The saddest part is, it seems like she will take him back. That is probably he worst part of it all. I remember living in Los Angeles and seeing OJ and Nicole Simpson in the news regularly. There has been a comparison made between these two and the Simpsons. After a while, the public won't pay attention, and in turn won’t care.

As with anything, the person needed help has to want it. Hopefully, she will see that and get out of the situation - since it will not get any better.

IN THE MEANTIME - Why can’t the news use that time on something of substance, fun or just different? The same ol’ stuff is really getting boring.

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