Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Changing the Show?

Last week, we received a hotline stating that Barry was rehearsing for a new show, which was the reason for postphoning the Spokane show.

Talk of the new show became the buzz of the network, so much that the postphoned show was almost a forgotten thing. Amazing how attention can be diverted so easily eh?

The talk of the new show starting a wishless of what should be includd. Of course, no one is really looking at the business side of the show. Never....all the fans want is what the fans want.

"Rare Manilow hits is what we want to hear."
"Let's hear this or let's hear that."

Okay, I am going to try to take the rational view.

The Vegas show is not about the fans. Yes, we all migrate there from far and beyond, but we are not there always. The audience is mostly made up of civilians, or people that have heard of Barry and were looking for something to do. I know *gasp* YES there are people that go to Vegas without Manilow in mind.

So, being the ultimate entertainer and having business in mind what needs to be considered in creating a new show or even revamping the present show?

1. Keep the well known songs in
2. Put in songs that people know
3. Be entertaining

While we fans would love to hear the If I Should Love Again, No Other Love, Keep Each Other Warm, and many others. In Vegas, the civilians would be looking at him wondering "huh?"

I get it, you have to cater to your audience, even if you have to give up something that you really love and want to do. Even trying to keep the fans happy, the bottom line is....it is business first and foremost. If the seats are to continually be filled, the show must cater to EVERYONE not just the few that throw wishes into the air.


texas_fan said...

It was amazing, wasn't it? How quickly they moved on to another subject. Do they know the fans or do they know the fans?????

Bonnie said...

So true. The fans (and I use that term lightly) don't realize what "sells" here in Vegas. Another reason the decade albums sold so well, it appeals to people that may not be Barry fans at first, but know the songs, and that's what sells. I just hope that the "new original album" that everyone is clamoring for doesn't flop like "Mayflower" did.