Monday, March 23, 2009

As the Manilow World Turns

* cheerful music plays *

The camera sweeps the beautiful lobby of the Hilton as the fans begin to arrive for a fun week of Manilow shows. New friends are meeting, old friends are catching up.

The group sitting in Fortuna just watching the crowd sipping their lattes and not saying anything - just looking.

The slot machines are providing their usual background noise, as hotel guests and Fanilows mill together in different directions.

The air of the hotel just feels different with the Manilow fans are there. The M Store patronage has gone up as people go in looking at the merchandise that is covered with the Barry’s face and name. There are some ladies watching the video playing on the television screen, and there are a couple of ladies talking to the M Store employee trying to get information.

“Is Barry here yet?”
“I thought I saw his dogs out in the parking lot. Did he bring the dogs this week?”

The employee answers but …. *suspenseful music* are the answers true. Does she know? The camera pans on her face, and it shows an unsure look then an evil grin.


Two pairs of feet walking up stairs; they belong to the same two individuals walking up a stairwell. The women are talking in whispers, their breathing stops when they see a sign that says “WARNING THIS STAIRWELL IS MONITORED. TRESPASSERS WILL BE ARRESTED”

“I told you that we would never make it to the penthouse.”
“It could be something to keep people from using the stairs.”
“I am going back down, I do not want to miss the show tonight because we are in jail.”
“You are being so paranoid.”
“He will come into the casino after the show tonight. It’s Friday remember?”

The two ladies make a quick retreat back down the stairwell.


The ladies are in line waiting to go into the theater. Spanning the crowd, the attire ranges from very casual to very elegant. Tickets in hand, and nervous chatter. Talk of Thursday night’s show has everyone excited, then an usher comes out with the dreaded news.

“I’m sorry. The show for tonight is cancelled.”

Huge gasp from the crowd. *MUSIC*

“Oh my God!”
“Is Barry okay?”
“I heard it was technical difficulties, that’s why it is cancelled.”
“Barry wasn’t looking well last night. His voice was scratchy.”
“Yeh, he did hit a bad note or two last night.”
“Did you see him limping, I hope his hips aren’t bothering him again.”

The fingers start to fly on Treos and Blackberry phones all around and the crowd retreats to Tempo to drown their sorrows. The news was flying around the Manilow internet community before the usher got back inside the theater good.

“He’s probably going to head home tonight, let’s go.”

They had their own language, so the other knew exactly where they were headed. The stairwell ladies make a retreat to the back of the theater to see if maybe they can catch a glimpse of the motorcade leaving. The two of them head to the exit.


When they walk to the back, the only thing they see are the dumpsters full of trash.

“Damn, there is always next week.”

**Stay tuned for the continuing saga of As the Manilow World Turns*

Closing credits roll as theme music plays.


Crissy said...


Please tell me that bit about the two stalk, I mean er, fans was just a figment of your wonderful imagination. Because if it wasn't all I can say is oh hell no!

texas_fan said...

ROFLMAO. You and Steph are providing the BEST entertainment.

Figment of imaginations Crissy..surely you jest.

Peachy said...

I wish I could say that I imagined it...but you know how that say truth is stranger than fiction. LOL

Crissy said...

At least one of them had some sense and convinced her other partner in crime and I mean that literally to turn back. What is wrong with these whackjobs?