Friday, March 20, 2009

Abraham Lincoln

I was watching The History Channel a couple of weeks ago.

I remembered that Lincoln had to be buried and reburied a few times, but I forgot the reasons why. There was a documentary on it, and I was glued to the set in bewilderment.

The fact that this man, who did so much for the US and the presidency, could not rest in peace. He regulated the currency, he created the Secret Service, he wrote the Gettysburg Address, and so on, and so on.

First, the counterfeiters that wanted to steal his body were what I call "stupid crooks" because they go to rob the tomb and no one knows how to pick a lock, then they had not counted on the coffin weighing 500 pounds, and lastly, how were they going to camoflauge a casket in the back of a wagon when they went to get away. LOL

The curator of the tomb, knowing Lincoln was still in danger of being stolen, buried the body in the basement under a pile of trash. There he stayed hidden for 11 years before the tomb had to be torn down. 11 years, visitors were visiting an empty sarcofacus in the main part of the tomb while Lincoln was really buried below them. The curator would not lie to them when they questioned him about the rumor of the sarcofacus being empty. He would answer "Lincoln is safe, I can guarantee you that." He wasn't lying. Lincoln WAS where he knew he was safe.

When the tomb was rebuilt and Lincoln and the family were reinterred. He had been buried TEN times, yes 10 times. This final time, he was buried 10 feet down and surrounded by concrete. They are pretty sure he is still there.

My summary was not as interesting, but the documentary was good and if you are interested in history - next time it comes on, you should check it out.

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