Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whatever You Want to Call It ...

Human theater, people watching … it doesn’t matter. It is always so interesting.

I work with young adults (16-24) and their actions are interesting. We were talking today, and I seriously doubt I acted the way they do when I was that age. At 19, I had received my associate’s degree and I was living on my own in Los Angeles, California. I was working every day, paying bills, and having a good time. Yes, I partied – oh boy did I party, but I did not miss work and I paid my bills on time.

I look at some adults, and they do not act as old as the 16-24 year olds that I work with each day. You know there is some behavior you expect from young adults, just as there is behavior you expect from grown-ups.

Amazed is probably the best word that I can use to describe what I witness on a day to day basis. I wonder what the thought processes are then I think more and figure that thinking is really not being done. Other words that come to mind besides just plain crazy are narcissistic, arrogant, and just plain ignorant (just to name a few).

Oh well, it’s just another beautiful day in the neighborhood … and tomorrow will bring about something else.

I say just get ready, and hold on!

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