Friday, January 9, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder ..

Random thoughts run through my head sometimes, as you can tell by my blog that I might think of a variety of things as any given time.

It is human nature for different "what if's" spring into your mind from time to time. Last night after my Statistics class, I was trying to come down from serious information overload, and my mind was racing. I got an email from a Barry friend and just a simple discussion sparked one thought to follow another.

I decided to write those wonderings down and put them out there, maybe you have thought of them too. I must forewarn you, some are silly, way out there, and then again - maybe not. hmmmmm

Does Barry ever drink the Manilow water from the M Store? What about the lip balm, to keep those lips from getting chap?

When Barry goes into Tempo, does he ever look out and just watch people like they watch him? Does he want to?

How many women REALLY want Barry's body and would they want him if he was Barry Johnson?

How many husbands are glad to see their wives go to Vegas to see Barry so they can enjoy their own extra curricular activities? (This includes chasing women that lust after them the way some of the wives lust after Barry)

Would some of the fans be able to say a complete sentence (that made sense) if Barry walked up to them and struck up a conversation?

When working on a show, does Barry factor in the screams, standing ovations, etc. into the time?

What are some of the code names that Security has for the fans they need to watch?

When Barry is standing backstage, what is going through his mind right before he steps out of the fog?

How easy is it for him to go from BARRY to Barry after a show?

During I Write The Songs when the glowsticks are waving and we are singing with him, what is going through his mind at that moment (hearing an entire room singing along with him)?

Have you ever thought the same thoughts? I bet some of you have.


Stephanie said...

I need in on some of these conversations!LOL! Guess we better watch out how much we make sense or the loonies will be on their brooms after us. You know, intelligent conversation is something that all do not understand :)

texas_fan said...

Ok...I have to admit. I've thought 8 out of 10 of those. And... more than once!

Survivor said...

I've thought 10 out of 10 of those!!! Stephanie's right though, if the 'others' read this they wouldn't even begin to understand it! Their level of conversation drops to leather, whoooo and other such drivel!!!!