Monday, January 26, 2009

The Music

You know, Barry is always doing things to make us appreciate the music. The beautiful jackets, lighting and razzle dazzle are just window dressing. He wants you to feel a fraction of what he feels. Just take a look at his face when he is playing the piano, or when he has climbed so deep into a song that you can tell he is in another place.

During my platinum, he asked how I became a fan. When I was telling him my story, he was staring at me, and was obviously interested. When I finished, he was amazed at how long it had been, but he said "you got the music even at that age?" I told him yes, and he had me hooked ever since. He smiled and asked another question - "this Jewish boy really had that affect on you?" I said "yes, you did."

I said all of that to say, yes he loves the accolades and the ovations, but what is important is to feel the music. Unless you are a musician, you will probably not feel exactly what he feels, but if you just listen - just let it take us away.

I think about my favorite song, Weekend in New England. No matter when I hear it, there are different images going through my mind. I think of the first time I heard it, I think of all times I saw him sing it, then I think of the first time I saw him sing it. Each time I see him do that song, chill bumps rise on my arms. It is beautiful, but I cannot describe it but I think it is a combination of the way he sings, the way he plays, and the faraway look he has. You just wonder what is going through his mind, and from the look - it must be a nice place.

I always joke about Barry being a "Pied Piper," he hits a few keys on the piano, and he has us under his spell. Think about it ... am I wrong?

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texas_fan said...

I can't think of any other music that moves me the way Barry's does. I have music that evokes memories; music that makes me happy; and music that makes me sad. But Barry's music always moves me to either act, think, dream, dance, sing or laugh. It is one of those strange phenomenons that we may never understand. I like to think it's the fact that God gave him an amazing gift to move our spirits like no other.