Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Cold Outside

Well the South is experiences a little cold weather lately, but to turn on the news, you would think we were having a blizzard outside. Around here, it doesn’t take much.

Last night, the news talked about how the temperature was going to drop. Twenty minutes of the thirty minute newscast talked about keeping warm, how to dress and how fast the temp was dropping. The reporter was standing downtown near the courthouse, they kept going back to her, and she was reporting every time the temp dropped a degree. I finally had enough when she said “we have dropped two degrees, we are at 50 degrees right now.” Okay sister, call me when it gets 20 okay?

This morning, the local morning news show went on about the same thing. We have a cold air mass coming through the South. It is supposed to get into the 20s tonight, granted – for us it is cold, but we are back in the 50s on Sunday. One day – ONE DAY!

I could only imagine them in places that have REAL Winters; we just have cold snaps every now and then. I think part of the shock comes from us being in the 80s a couple of weeks ago, now this. Again, it is Winter, so shut up, throw on a coat and hush.

I guess I should be happy that it was such a slow news day they only had the weather to talk about, but it just amazed me.


you begin again.... said...

You kids in DEEP Georgia, where they pipe in the sunlight are getting off easy! The ATL was recording 15 degrees when I dropped The Littlest Fanilow at preschool this morning!

My other half and I hail from points waaaaaay north but we've been living down south for so long we can't handle it any more.

Off to crank the fireplace up. This isn't funny anymore!


Peachy said...

It's okay to me, granted I don't have to stand out in the middle of it for long. In the car, out, in the building, out to the car, and home. So, it isn't too bad. I feel for those that have to work out in it, but around here the weather will be different tomorrow.