Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Every January 1, we all look forward to the new year with many expectations and make promises to ourselves.

The new year holds many hopes, dreams and possibilities. It is like wiping the slate clean. Then, after a while, we sometimes fall back into the same ol' routine.

This year, my resolutions are pretty simple.

* As long as my back cooperates, I will get back on my aerobic exercise routine. (My doc had not allowed me to start it back up yet - if not, then all I can do is walk)

* I am not going to buy any new clothes (now that is a hard one, I cannot walk past a clearance rack without it pulling me towards it)

* I will continue to stay away from the lunancy which is the Barrynet and Manilow Network boards. Life is so good without exposing myself to it all.

* Finish my manuscript and get it to a publisher. If not, look into self publishing - either way, I am going to get it out there.

I know with me sticking to the third resolution, my blogs will probably get boring.

Will it stop the frequent visitors from all over the globe? Nah, I don't think so, because for some reason the attention getters do the crazy things for honorable mentions in the blogs. I guess any attention, whether good or bad, is the desire.

Anyway, I hope to continue to put thoughts out there and maybe you will read something that will make you smile, or make you think.

As you have found, my tastes are eclectic and there is no telling what I will post here - I write about whatever hits me when I start to type.

In closing, I hope whatever your resolutions were/are, you stick to them and the wishes you have for 2009 come true.

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Stephanie said...

I'm gonna start off the New Year with a LMAO!!!!!! Back to cooking and my camera! BTW, Can't wait till June........