Sunday, January 11, 2009

Darth Vader

I can always find something on television to watch, even if it is something on the Travel, Weather or Home & Garden Channel. I have to have it on, believe it or not, it helps me concentrate. I need that background noise to tune out. When it is totally quiet and I am trying to work, write or do homework, it drives me nuts. I can hear the creaks in the wall - I have to have that noise.

Anyway, back to the television thing. Friday night, I was sitting and watching one of my favorite movies. Star Wars. The original, well not really the original because Star Wars was actually Episode 4, but I digress. I know I have written about Star Wars before, and probably will again,

I remembered going to the movie theater seeing it. I was in elementary school, and it was showing at the theater on base. I remember seeing Darth Vader appear on the screen and he scared the crap out of me. I remembered the fear, I was scared that he would come walking down the aisle of the theater. We had to move to the last row, our backs were against the wall and we could see anyone who walked in.

To this day, his mere presence on the screen makes me remember that, and I guess the fear never went away. No, I am not thinking he will walk in my door, because if he did - force or not, he’d have some lead pumped into him, but the memory takes me back all of those years.

I do have a good memory from that move as well. I saw Harrison Ford for the first time, and talk about a cutie. I had a major crush on Hans Solo, in Empire Strikes Back when Hans was frozen in carbonite, I cried. Oh well, I was a kid what do you expect?

The entire story showcased the imagination of a master storyteller. The most recent three installments were good at wrapping up the story while the original three were the foundation and made us want to know why everything happened. There is supposed to be a last trilogy, that picks up following Return of the Jedi and involves Luke and Leia’s children. Hmmmm, now there’s a thought.

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