Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Santa Brought Me ...

I know last week I put up my grown up Christmas list, and while I am thankful for those items that the old fat guy in the red and white suit cannot fit in his bag:


I am thankful for those things that did appear under my tree:

A Barry Travel Clock that doubles as a travel jewelry case
A Beautiful Barry Photo in a frame with musical notes around it
A Diamond Necklace
An autographed first edition of Sweet Life
More clothes (my closet is SCREAMIN)
Handmade quilt
A Cellphone wallet
Stocking stuffers
Gift cards

The old fat guy forgot about my Nintendo Wii, guess I gotta get that for myself. Next Christmas, I will put salt in his cookies instead of sugar. That's wrong isn't it? Too bad, I have to wait on my Wii now until the store restock because they ALL sold out around here.

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