Friday, December 26, 2008

Manilow Blues

They are the things that set in when the streamers are all down, the confetti is shaken out of your bra, and you walk into your house.

We have it in different levels, some more than others. And, some have more serious bouts of it than others.

For me, the Manilow Blues/Manilow Withdrawals (whichever you call it) is best described as a feeling of sadness that comes over you when your Manilow excursion is complete.

The sadness comes because:

You have to wash your own towels, you can't just leave them on the floor for someone else to pick up. Well, you can leave them on the floor, but you're the one that will have to get them up anyway.

You have to prepare your own meal, or you're going to go hungry or broke from eating out every night.

You have to go back to communicating with your Barry friends via email and telephone versus walking up to their hotel room door and dragging them somewhere with you.

I cannot even begin to think of leaving out the wonderful show or shows that you enjoy.

So, the blues have Manilow in it, but they are not just about him it is a combination of things that were brought about because of him. I guess that makes sense huh?

I had a wonderful time this weekend, and walking through the airport to catch my flight home - all I could think was "I want to go back and start all over again."

I have a little while to wait for my next trip, but that's the fun part. I think I go just enough for it not to be boring to me. I enjoy every aspect of the show because it is fresh and new.

My bash commentary to come ....

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