Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ignorance Is Bliss

or so they say.

In the case of the not venturing into the Manilow World. It is TOTALLY TRUE.

I have not gone onto the craziness called the Barrynet nor My Manilow Network for about a week. It has been wonderful. Of course, I have friends that keep me abreast of the utter bullshit, but I have not read any of it. Boy, has it been nice.

The latest? The photos of Barry and Keely. Talk has them dating, in love, whatever. So what if he is, but give me a break people.

I do not trust to say that I am an authority of any kind. The only thing that I give myself credit for having - is common sense.

All of these years since Linda, why would Barry come out now and confess a relationship AND have photographic proof? But wait, the all knowing authority was not even in the fan world during the time of Linda - so that was a crazy question, but you see where I'm going right?

To top it off, said "know it all" has been calling asking questions about Barry's love life. Yeh.... I was thinking the same thing too.

First, Vicki has not worked for Barry over twelve years because she tells his business. I don't care how nice you are to her, how much small talk you make with her, she is not going to give up anything that isn't common knowledge. Get over it, and move on.

Second, does everyone really believe Barry lives the life of a monk? Yes girls, some might not want to admit it, but he is not sitting at home all alone waiting on them. He is a red-blooded male that has needs; he's handsome and rich - he does not have a problem getting those needs taken care of either.

I will continue to live in my quiet Manilow world. It is too crazy in the other place. The group my friend and I operate does not have a whole lot of conversation, but when we do, it is constructive, fun and DRAMA FREE. Now, those are two words that you don't usually see associated to Barryland, but it is. You can actually have fun without the catfights, sarcasm and just plain ugliness.

So, ignorance (from the Manilow World) really is BLISS!


Suzanne said...

100 percent in agreement. These women for lack of a better word, are clueless. Plus..who gives a S*** anyway. I've been away all of December and it's been GREAT!

you begin again.... said...

And you wondered why I excused myself from the Network. ;-)

Stephanie said...

I have backed away also(Total peace).....Isn't it so ironic how NO ONE has mentioned the fact that his companion for the Feinstein Wedding was Garry :) Just an observation people :)