Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Historic Day

I am writing this as I am watching the Election Results come in. No matter how you voted, or if you voted, you cannot ignore the significance of this day.

Today, regardless of the ticket, there will be a first. A first - African American man being named for President of the United States. Another first - a Female named Vice President.

Think back, there were years that women could not even vote. People were lynched and killed because they had a different color skin.

At the polls, there were first time pollsters, and pollsters that have voted in many elections. I saw one lady, on the news, that was voting in her 22nd Presidential election. Regardless of age, each vote counts the same. Regardless of race, each voted counts the same. However, as the night draws to a close the votes are still being counted, and in hours we will know.

My thoughts go to those civil rights leaders and the women that fought so hard for equality. Equality because all men and women are created equal. Can you imagine the meeting place in Heaven, each one of them looking down at what is happening tonight and smiling from ear to ear. Wow, what a party they must be having.

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texas_fan said...

Whatever my feelings about the election and the outcome, I would agree with you. It was indeed a historic day. My prayers will be with Obama and his new government. May he be led by God in all that he does.