Monday, November 3, 2008

Bond...James Bond

His name is Bond...James Bond.

Ian Fleming's character has been played by six (6) actors since 1962.

Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig

My favorite Bond was Roger Moore, mainly because I started watching Bond movies with Roger Moore. As I got older and saw older Bond films, Sean Connery epitomized Bond. Until Pierce Brosnan.

Oh my, Brosnan was born to play that character. I was a teenager and had a huge crush on Remington Steele, and even then, I said, he would be a cool James Bond.

Since Lazenby was only in one film, he is often forgotten. I think I have seen his film once, and cannot really remember it. Since Connery was such a favorite, it left a huge void to fill and he probably wasn't accepted by the public.

The same can probably be said about Timothy Dalton. When Roger Moore stopped playing Bond, I did not like the selection of Dalton to fill his shoes and only saw one of his bond films.

I had no problem returning to the films when Brosnan was brought in. I had been wishing for that casting for years.

Since he is no longer the agent licensed to kill, I got out of the Bond business. If I hadn't, I definitely would have when they made Bond blonde. Daniel Craig does not say Bond to no means or stretch of the imagination. So, I will not be venturing back into the land of Ian Fleming any longer.

I cannot think of any actor on the scene today that could make me go back, but I will never say never. The character is intriguing, timeless and ageless. You don't find a lot of those in Hollywood today.

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