Wednesday, October 1, 2008

To Dance or Not To Dance

Well, we knew the peace in the Manilow Valley would not last long didn’t we?

This is my take on the whole dance thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Barry, being the gentleman he is, has a wonderful sense of humor. We all know that. However, I do not for one moment believe he would ask a “fan” to touch his personage in a way it was touched Friday. He supposedly told this individual what to do and the fans would get a kick out of it. Okay, the dance segment is shorter than Moonlight Serenade (which was 16 bars) – I think the dance time is half of that now. When would he have time to tell them this? Second, we live in the age of lawsuits for EVERYTHING. Suppose that individual was offended? It would be very embarrassing for Barry.

Some of us were discussing this earlier, if Barry wanted to do this, it would surely be someone he was comfortable with planted in the audience, or even one of the girls (Keely, Monica or Melanie) set up to do this.

Again, this is just my interpretation. I am on the outside looking in and was not in Vegas this weekend. But, reading all of the banter back and forth, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that this was a stunt pulled that has backfired on everyone in the form of Barry deciding to remove the dance sequence from the show on Saturday. Does that really sound like he was really “FOR” it on Friday?

On top of it all, the reviewer jumped on it and placed it in the article. Good or bad publicity – it is just that – publicity.

I am not Barry, do not speak for Barry and am not affiliated with Barry in any way. I just have more than two brain cells in my head and can figure things out. The only way I would believe it was set up by Barry is for a HOTLINE message to come out and tell me – will that happen? Stranger things have happened but I won’t hold my breath.

On a personal note, I hope he keeps the dance sequence in. I won’t get one because I don’t want to sit on the stage but for those that decide to do so, I think there should be an incentive. Here’s what I wish though, he would choose a dance girl from EACH side. That way, neither side knows where he will go. Wouldn’t that be neat? The anticipation would be awesome because no one would know where he was going to go, and both sides would have something to look forward to and hope for.