Sunday, October 19, 2008

Six Degrees of Separation

Okay, you are wondering how can a girl from Georgia have six degrees of separation to a Southern California singer from the 50s. Well, I do.

First, I need to back up and explain how this blog topic even came about. Early this morning during a bout with insomnia, I found the movie LaBamba on television, and I thought about it since it was filmed around the time I lived there.

I was living in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, and I worked with Ritchie's niece. She said the actors were all really close to the family because they spent so much time with them. Lou Diamond Phillips played Ritchie, and she said how nice he was. Esai Morales played her father (Ritchie's brother), and she ended up dating him for a while. I wondered if that was kind of weird since he was playing her father, but she said he was so cute, she didn't think anything of it.

The family was very involved in the movie, and looking on the internet, they are still very involved in keeping Ritchie's memory alive. She said that her grandmother (Ritchie's mother) never really got over the loss of him. In the movie, the story ended before her birth, so she had no movie counterpart in there.

She brought in a photo album once with family photos and it was neat to see candid family photos of someone I had only seen played by someone else, or album covers.

The six degrees of separation theory is still intact. I am separated from Ritchie Valens by only 3 degrees.

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