Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Okay, I like a good horror movie, and by far one of the best is the original Halloween. It was made in 1978, before all the blood and gore started to take over the movies. Someone thought the bloodier, the scarier....WRONG.

The movie scared me because of the music score, and the lighting (or lack there of). There were shadows, and you never knew if Michael Myers was in the shadows or not. That was scary.

I guess a better word would be suspense, because you knew what was going to happen and the music foretold it, but you just didn't always know when. Now that makes for a good story.

Every year, AMC has a Halloween fest during Halloween week, and I watch them. Well, all except Halloween III, who knows what they were thinking with that one - it had nothing to do with Michael Myers.

I am sitting here watching it now. Forget Pinhead, Jason and Freddy - Michael is definitely the scariest by a long shot.

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