Friday, September 19, 2008


This week, I received the website for a chat room that I participated in when I first got online about 12 years ago. It happens to also be on Ning, so I am very familiar with it since the Manilow Network is there too. But, WOW seeing the faces of a lot of the people that I chatted with back in the day. It brought back so many memories.

It was when the internet chat rooms first got off the ground and everyone thought people on the internet were crazy. Well hell, people still think that but it was worse then. But, at that time I was really young, and we would chat all day and all night.

It has been fun connecting with these folks. Wow. I pulled out some photo albums too. We even had gatherings in different cities. People in different locations would secure a hotel and plan events, we would converge on the place and hang out. Those were the days. I remember the Atlanta Bash we had - a little drama filled, a girl ended up missing, we were at the Atlanta Police station until 4 in the morning, but everything turned out okay. During that time we were at the police station, I envisioned the headlines - Internet crazies from an online chat room meet and girl disappears….

I was terrified, but we got through it. The aftermath was even more drama filled than that night. Boy those were the days.

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