Monday, September 1, 2008

Mission Organization

It is truly a mission.

How is it that inanimate things can swallow up items of clothing? I swear my closet comes alive and deliberately takes that other sock, or that blouse that goes perfectly with the outfit I plan to wear.

I try to reorganize in the Spring and in the Fall. Life oftentimes steps in and it does not work out, especially lately.

I am really trying to get it done, but it is a slow process. Organization makes your life easier but getting started is a b.... well you know what I'm saying.

Two closets would be enough for most people right? HA, in my dreams, I am bursting out of the seams there, and taking over the closet in the spare bedroom. The one thing I do is go through at least once a year to take clothes out and donate them. If I haven't looked for it or worn it in a year, out it goes. Still no help.

I have started to go through my bookshelf. I plan to send a list to my friends to see if any of them want to purchase them (at a discounted rate of course), hey I need as many donations as possible to the Manilow fund. Speaking of Manilow, he is part of the reason why I need to free up space on my shelf, he is slowly taking over. Everywhere that smiling face, but do I mind? Never.

I watch those organization shows on HGTV and say "yeh right" easier said than done .. but I swear this job is not going to get the best of me. I will conquer it --- EVENTUALLY.

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you begin again.... said...
My life. My obsession. Go ahead, drink the Kool-aid in there!