Thursday, September 4, 2008

Barry Friends Forever

Last night, a few of us gathered in my chatroom on Pal Talk and had a wonderful Barry time chatting and listening to Barry music.

Guess what? There was no fighting, no backstabbing, just a Barry luvin time with good friends.

Do we all agree? Nope.
Are we all alike? Nope.
Do we all have lustful fantasies about Barry? Nope.

We all just love the music, enjoy each other's company and know how to carry on conversations about a variety of things.

Our common link is Barry, but in talking with one another, we have found that we share other interests as well. A couple of us write, we love to travel, we swap books and many other things.

So thanks Barry for bringing these wonderful ladies in my life, and I sure hope that if you do look at the board do not think everyone acts the way displayed there because there are some nice, and sensible people in your fan club.

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