Friday, August 29, 2008

Jealousy All Around

resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself.

Jealousy creates such emotion and can make people do the strangest things. I always say that I sit on the outskirts and watch people and things they say and do.

It only takes a few minutes to notice the jealousy that builds when a person or persons get a little attention from Barry. It can be a smile, a point, a handshake – and it turns some people into that green eyed monster we learned about in school. It suddenly becomes a contest to see who can get the most smiles, or handshakes. Another level is how many times a person has met Barry, or danced with Barry or sang with Barry. Yet another level is the length of time someone has been a fan. I could go on and on, but you see where it’s headed right?

It is amazing adults carry on this way. I had it happen to me as well. Someone I had been chatting with was so friendly and so nice, we emailed back and forth UNTIL she found out I had a platinum coming up and it coincided with a time we would both be in Vegas. I suggested for us to meet, have lunch or hang out – hey we were both staying at the Hilton. She suddenly had something to do and proceeded to try to make a number of excuses. *head snap* What happened? My BS alarm started to dance, and I had to set her straight really quick. I made the offer, but by no means am I desperate for company. Of course, she tried to clean it up and make plans. Too late – you go your way and I will go mine.

Anyway, sitting on the outskirts of Barryland, I see this same person doing it again. Obvious? No, I know the signs so that is why I can see it. The person she befriended had a special moment with Barry, before that she and that person were constantly back and forth – now, NOTHING. Sad, but hopefully it is a learning experience for that individual. Then again, maybe her BS alarm went off too.

Truly sad, but like the real world, the alternate universe known as Barryland or the Manilow World can be a vicious place. You have to pick and choose your friends very carefully. Otherwise, you have to move about the world with your back against the wall to keep from having a knife stuck in it.

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you begin again.... said...

And this is why my name is "YBA" and not something more..... I dunno, Real? Legal? It's so much more fun when you enjoy what comes your way and not try to posess it or force it into your own vision of what real life should be.
Barry gave those girls a gift of a lifetime. Interacting with an audience is a day at the office for Barry but those girls appreciated it from the bottom of their hearts. I'll bet it showed too. That's the difference between a serious fan (of whatever age) and someone or something other. You appreciate what you have and celebrate what others have. There's a reason why "Thou Shalt Not Covet They Neighbors (whatever)" is a commandment!