Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's the Weekend Baby!!

There is something about Friday morning that makes you jump out of bed. I drag out of the bed Monday through Thursday, however, Friday. Yahoo! Only eight hours to go! Then 4:00, all hell breaks loose, there is Emergency Alpha and Beta, then you have to think which is the most important and will the Earth really stop spinning if I don’t get to them both.

4:45 - I start tidying everything up, clearing my desk, walking slowly to the garbage to empty my trash can. Okay, I have killed 5 minutes. By the time, I get my computer logged off and put the work I planned to bring home together and get to the front door - it will be 5:00.

For what? To come home, do laundry and catch up with my friends both in cyberspace and real time. Two days, then it starts all over again.

I have the last two chapters on my manuscript to finish, then I will be done. I have to compose my query then off to the publisher it goes. I think it is a good story, and I am hoping they like it as well. Stepping away from it for a while before I do the final edits will help.

I really hope they like it!