Monday, August 4, 2008

Come on Holiday Bash ....

Everyone is talking about being ready for the new show at the end of the month. Yes, it will be wonderful … but unless you know someone going, you will get a watered down version of it - maybe a couple of songs but mostly about how good he looks. It is a given (that Barry will look good) but for those of us not able to go, it would be nice to hear about the show.

What I am ready for is the Holiday Bash. I had such a good time last year at the convention. It was nice meeting so many nice people, and there were also people I knew I probably would never be friends with - but such is life. The Manilow community has all kinds, and most are nice and fun to be around.

The BMIFC knows how to throw a party. The holiday party last year was really nice, and while Barry didn’t show. Garry did. He is such a nice guy and so funny. I was sitting in the corner, and I looked up and he was right there. He gave me a hug and stood there talking for a few minutes. We took this photo together, he was being so silly and making me crack up when my friend took the picture. I hate the way I look in it.

He told us a story from the convention, and had us cracking up and took some more pictures before moving on. I have to admit I was surprised by him just showing up at the table, but it was a pleasant surprise.

I know there are plenty of people in the Manilow community who dislike him. For whatever reasons, their dislike may be just, however, I have no reason to dislike him. He has never done anything to me. I do understand the entertainment business can be cut throat, and you don’t always know who is there for you, or for who you know.

One thing I have noticed is some fans think they are friends with the BMIFC staff, while they are nice people and are cordial - Manilow is a business. They owe us nothing except good customer service, and just because they are nice does not mean we are friends who will exchange birthday and Christmas cards every year.

I can only imagine some of the questions they are asked, or comments made to them about Barry. I am bewildered at the audacity and the brashness of some fans … wouldn’t you snap too if it were someone you cared for?

The Holiday Bash will surely be a nice party. The initial email already spoke of a Secret Santa, I know that is only the tip of the iceberg. The parties, the themes, the shows … come on December. I am also looking forward to relief from these temperatures of over 100 degrees too.