Thursday, August 7, 2008

As the Favre Turns

I am not a real follower of football, I know just enough to when James will totally ignore me or rush through a conversation. But, I do know of and got tired of the soap opera that is and was Brett Favre.

*in my best sportscaster commentator voice - with the theme from another soap Young and the Restless playing in the background*

First, he retired last year because the game was no longer fun to him. Tears, oh my, the fans of Green Bay started a website, bring back Brett, or something to that effect. Then, there were the mutterings, is he coming out of retirement? Is he staying in retirement?

Oh well, he can come out of retirement, but he has to stay in Green Bay. Brett wants out of Green Bay. What are the diehard fans thinking now - he doesn't love us anymore? Green Bay says "hell no, we are not letting Favre go." He shows up to the training camp. But now, he has to vie for the QB position he held for many many years. (can you imagine the kid who got the position, how did he feel seeing the guy he replaced walking back in the locker room - friend or not, it had to be a letdown)

All of a sudden, well probably not all of a sudden - he is going to wear a green jersey but it won't be Green Bay. It's a NY Jets jersey. Stay tuned for the continuing drama that is As the Favre Turns continues ....

There will surely be more to come, I can just feel more drama is waiting in the wings. And men say they don't like soap operas ... what do they call this crap?