Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Definition of Fan

To me, being a fan is not like belonging to a reward or points program. You do not have different levels based on how long you have been a fan, or how much money you have spent.

Within the fan community, there are different kinds of fan, but regardless of where a person falls - I do not think it makes a person a bigger or a lesser fan. A fan from the beginning of Barry’s career is no bigger or more important than someone just finding Barry. A fan who has only had the opportunity to see one show, or no show at all, is no less important than someone who has seen more than 100 shows.

People express themselves differently, and enjoy entertainers in different ways.

This following list is not all inclusive, but it is what I have seen in the Manilow fan community.

Whether you

* know everything about Barry, and will go to extremes to find out any new info, or

* have fantasizes of meeting Barry and living happily ever after, or

* feel you are special because of the number of shows you have seen or how much money you have spent on Barry, or

* find everything Barry says, wears, or does sexy, or

* enjoy the music, the feelings you get from the music or seeing the shows, and respect Barry’s talent - that’s all.

We have to agree there is a place for everyone, and acknowledge everyone will never get along and/or agree on everything. It would be a boring place if everyone was just alike, and always got along. Wouldn’t it?

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Stephanie said...

I do agree. The difference I find in "FAN" is the FANATICS. Those also exist in our Manilow Community as well. It is not necessarily those who go to shows all the time(that's a bit strange as well, but that is another blog), but those who just act out so ignorantly,rather it is at a show, venue, message board or forum. Totally over the top and it takes away from what being a "Fan" is all about. I think the worst problem in this Manilow Community is the jealousy and I find it to be ridiculous. There are quite a few these days that have lost the reality when it comes to being a Manilow Fan.