Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Barry Love

My business is my business, your business is yours, and a certain blue eyed man’s business is his.

The only thing Barry owes us is 90 minutes of wonderful music when we pay for a ticket. What he does and what we do before and after - is our business and our time.

It has to be so hard for him. It is human nature to want to go out and talk to people, but he can’t because he doesn’t know who to trust. That has to be so hard. If he goes out with friends, paparazzi lurks and wait for a shot that will give a good byline or just pure speculation.

They, the paparazzi, know that people will misconstrue the most innocent situations because imaginations just run rampant. One would think that devoted fans would not be so quick to jump to conclusions or try to dissect every aspect of the photograph. WRONG!

The fans, or friends as Barry calls us (after the last week I would not be surprised if he didn‘t retract that statement), say, “oh we love him and care about him and only want what's best for him - then those same people criticize everything he does.

Barry’s so-called friends say:
I want him to be happy

He needs to stop smoking.
He needs to eat.
He needs to slow down.
He owes us an explanation.
His smoking is my business.

Contradictory isn’t it? Do we know how long he has been smoking again? Do we know how many cigarettes he even smokes? He may only eat enough to keep his energy up, he probably has a high metabolism. He is a workaholic. All very reasonable questions and/or explanations, but still none of my business. Do these “friends” think for one second those things might make him happy? Do they even care?

I will say what I have posted before - Barry is a thin man. Next time you are in the M Store take a look at the Copa jacket. He WORE THAT JACKET. He probably can wear it again, hence, he has always been small. I am sure we all wish we could say that, but it is true in his case.

On stage, he is padded. (This is pure speculation here, but he probably has on a t-shirt, dress shirt, vest and jacket). The jacket and pants cover those little legs that we are seeing in the short sleeve t-shirts and jeans - no pads there. What we are seeing now, has always been there, we usually don’t see it. (He is 6’ and weighs 140 pounds, what else should we expect?)

Poor Barry, no wonder he is the Shadow Man - if I had to live through all of this so called love and adoration, I would be the Invisible Man.