Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Barry Get Some Rest .... Relax a Little

(Photo source: www.wenn.com)

Barry get some rest. Barry have some fun.
Those words sound so familiar, but why is it when he is photographed doing just that - it is picked apart like Benson and Stabler would on Law and Order. Photos are magnified to see what is in his pocket, the gentleman in the photos myspace page probably has more hits on it than it has all year.

I have said all of that to say that Barry is an adult, and he makes his own decisions. If he is smoking - so? Yes it is a bad habit. But, he knows the repercussions of it, and there is nothing that we do say about it.

His stroll on the beach looks a little difficult, could it be the terrain? Are his hips bothering him? The beach could have not been easy to manuever in the shoes he was wearing. Was he in pain? Maybe - I have pain regularly, but that happens - you have good days and bad days.

What happens in the Manilow world?

Oh my God, he needs surgery! He is smoking. He's going to retire, he's going to lose his voice. Let's not even get started on how skinny he is. Take a look at the Copa jacket in the M Store, he did wear that. He could probably wear it now. He is slim. Barry stands at 6' tall, and weighs 140 pounds (his own admission at the convention last year), that is not going to be a big person. He was never big. On stage, he is dressed in layers and his arms and legs are covered. I do not think that it takes a rocket scientist to figure that he will be very skinny underneath all of that.

To my civilian friends - mind blowing isn't it? To ya'll outside the fan community, it makes you wonder "what is going on in Barry Land?"

We are not all that extreme ...

As a fan, I want Barry to be happy and be normal. The photos that were taken of him on his own time, hanging with friends and getting some sun, he looked like he was enjoying himself. We rarely get a glimpse of him not in his "BARRY MANILOW" clothes, this past week, he looked like "Barry" in the photos, and that is wonderful. I hope the rest of his vacation brings him the comraderie with his friends and loved ones that we all enjoy without the paparazzi snapping photos of our every move.

I hope he can find some peace.