Sunday, June 22, 2008


Forty years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s death, his family welcomes his first grandchild

Story by Sandra Sobieraj Westfall for People Magazine
People Magazine dated 6/25/2008

Parents-to-be Arndrea and Martin Luther King III - the son of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - wanted a family name for their baby girl. They considered Coretta, after Martin’s late mother. She, to, had been a revered figue in he fight for equality. “We talked about it, but we didn’t want to put that heavy a mantle on her,” says Martin.

In the end, they settled on the name Yolanda for their daughter, after Martin’s older sister, who died of congestive heart failure and was laid to rest May 24, 2007 - a year and a day before her namesake was born.

Coretta devoted her life to civil rights, but she was also, as her son only learned after her death, a typical mother hoping to be called Grandma. Martin says she never nagged him about producing an heir, but going through her things after her death, he and Arndrea found a tiny white T-shirt printed with the message: “I am special because I’m made by God.” Coretta’s assistant told them she had tucked it away to someday give to a grandchild.” We know our parents were looking down on us when Yolanda was born, but to physically have them here…” Martin trails off. “That’s something I’ll never know.”


When I hear people say that they regret that their loved ones are not able to see their babies, I remember a statement that I heard a TV medium say. You do not have to worry because your loved ones held the baby before you did. I truly believe that Dr. King, Mrs. King and Yolanda all held that baby before she came into this world.

Congratulations to the King Family!