Thursday, June 12, 2008

Las Vegas Hilton

Okay, only my Barry friends will really understand this. My other friends, don't think that I have totally lost my mind - because I have not.

Barry refers to the LV Hilton as his home away from home. I guess we fanilows can say the same thing. There is something that comes over you when you walk into the lobby - there is this large revolving door - that I don't go in but it is a nice touch. You walk to the desk and then they tell you which tower you are located. I have stayed in the East and Central towers and never below the 16th floor. My wonderful views have only been either the golf course, the Stratosphere - good huh?

The restaurants offer a variety, from Pizza Hut to Benihana's. Paradise Cafe is by far my favorite because when you go there, you will NOT leave hungry. The portions are huge and the prices are wonderful.

I cannot leave out the M Store, that is the gathering place. First, second or third trip you will always strike up a conversation with other Manilow fans getting ready for the show. It is also a sure bet that you will find one or two things that you do not have in your Barry Collection.

You know that you have come home when you go into the restaurant and recognize the wait staff and they recognize you. "Glad to see you back." Uhhh yeh, been to Vegas pretty regular, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Oh did I mention that the mural on the side of the hotel can be seen down Paradise? On the ride to the hotel, I look and say "there he goes - I'll be there in a little bit Barry."