Friday, April 18, 2008

We Can Be So Hard On Ourselves

My co-worker is such a perfectionist, and today, she was disappointed about a project that she is coordinating. So me, "Miss Jack of All Trades" put on the Dr. Phil hat and was telling her that she shouldn't be so hard on herself -yep I said that and I am the worse. It is so easy to tell someone else that, but listen to it yourself - give me a break.

I told her that she cannot do everything and she has to delegate things and let it go. She said that it is just so hard. Well, after much discussion, I told her to write down all of her concerns, her thoughts and her expectations. I said, "leave that list on your desk, and go home have margarita, and Monday look at your list." I told her that list was not going anywhere for the weekend - enjoy the weekend and worry about it Monday morning after much rest and some alcohol.

It reminded me of a pep talk my mom gave me after I lost a writing contest that I entered. I knew my story was good, and after the awards ceremony I called her and told her all I received was an honorable mention. I was really upset and wanted to give up because no one wanted to read my stories. I was thinking that I should have kept them to myself like I had all of the years before. Mom said "did you ever think that the person who won had received honorable mentions too before they won?" I had not thought of it that way. Plus, she told me that she didn't raise a quitter, and to keep writing.

Moms are so good, even when they aren't trying too hard to be.

My co-worker left feeling a little better too.